[BATTLE] Garurumon/WereGarurumon & Angemon vs. Vamdemon.

Yamato, Takeru and Gabumon came across two of Vamdemon’s minions, Pumpmon and Gotsumon. The two Digimon were rather silly and didn’t have much interest in their master’s evil plans. Earlier, Patamon separated from the trio after an argument with Takeru.

Later, Vamdemon found Pumpmon and Gotsumon. The two Chosen Children and Gabumon hid while their new friends distracted their boss. Unfortunately, Vamdemon killed both Pumpmon and Gotsumon for their insubordination. Yamato’s anger caused Gabumon to transform into Garurumon. The canine Digimon lunged at Vamdemon.

Garurumon’s Fox Fire had no effect on his perfect level opponent. Vamdemon lashed at the Garurumon with his Bloody Stream. Yamato’s crest lit up and Garurumon advanced to WereGarurumon.

Although WereGarurumon managed to stun Vamdemon with his Kaiser Nail, the undead Digimon quickly recuperated. Patamon sensed Takeru’s cries from afar and he changed into Angemon.

Just as Angemon and WereGarurumon teamed up to fight the enemy, Vamdemon retreated.

From: Episode 33

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